Lucchese Boot Care Kit by Lucchese Boot Maker R9500

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Lucchese Boot Care Kit by Lucchese Boot Maker R9500

Lucchese Boot Care Kit by Lucchese Boot Maker R9500

You invested in your boots, now you need to invest in care products to keep them clean, beautiful and preserved for years to come.

The Lucchese Boot Care Kit features a zip-around nylon case that is perfect for storing your boot care tools in a secure fashion.

It is compact enough to be stowed in luggage during travel, this kit also comes with a convenient handle that allows you to carry it independently. 

Inside you'll find three care products:

The Lucchese leather conditioner spray which is used to clean, condition, polish and protect your finest leathers.  It can be used on smooth leathers and exotic skins.

Next you'll find the Lucchese cleaner is also a spray that is strong and effective.  It will safely and effectively remove surface dirt, grime, sweat and salt from your leathers.

The third care product is the Lucchese premium leather protector, a spray on product that was created to preserve and protect all types of leathers including suede.  It provides an invisible layer of protection for your leather products against dirt, UV rays, water, and stains.

Also included in this set is a genuine horse hair and wood brush that is used to shine up your leathers and a soft cloth that's just right for applying all of these products and getting the shine back on your leathers.

Application  Instructions: Read manufacturer's warnings before use. Follow the care  instructions as directed on the label, when in doubt, do a small test patch before treating the entire item. Protect items around your work  space prior to use. 

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