Boot Resoling & Stretching

Have worn through the soles of your favorite western boots? Don’t throw them out there is still life left in them. You can enjoy those boots for years to come after having them resoled and the heels replaced. Just bring them in and they will be done in about two to three weeks or so. Fees range from $80.00-$1220.00.

Boots just need to cleaned? We can do that also. Same as above, just drop them off and we will have them clean for you in a few days. Fees range for this service.  We are happy to get an estimate for you before you commit to having this service completed.   

Do your boots just not fit perfectly?  Do your toes feel squished? Is the shaft of the boot too tight? We can stretch the toe area, the instep and the calf areas.  We have special equipment and we take our time to make sure the leather is stretched properly.  If you don't want to try to break in a boot we can help you!  Each area of your boot requires about a week on the stretcher.  If you need all three areas stretched it will be a minimum of three weeks provided the equipment is available.  If you need your boots sooner give as a call to find out if the stretching equipment is available.