Where'd You Get That?

Where'd You Get That?

Posted by SuzeeQ on Mar 1st 2019

If you didn't already know products don't just appear in our store.  We have a variety of ways we get new items.  One way is to have our salesperson stop in our store to show us the new product line.  This process varies from sales person to sales person. 

Our Wrangler Rep, Wrangler Dave as we call him brings in two rolling racks which he fills up with all of the latest shirts, jeans, and outerwear.  We sift through, make our wish list and then weed out our selections.  His appointment can last upwards of 3-4 hours.  It's exhausting!  

Another sales person brings in cards.  Just like how we work with Wrangler Dave, we sift through the cards, pick out our favorites, and then weed out all but our very favorites.  It isn't as much fun because I like touching and feeling each product.  Also, the manufacturer can make something look awesome on camera and in person you see the flaws up close! 

I have another sales person who uses an iPad and she lets me scroll through, select and process the entire order digitally.  

Our Roper salesman brings his super cool van which houses his boot line.  It is always either super cold or hot when he visits!  

My favorite salesman brings in his catalogs which he has inserted into these leather binders.  I just love the look of these old binders that have such a patina on them from many years of being schlepped around.  All of our sales people are awesome.  We just love having them drop in our store and visit!

I'll talk about trade shows in the next blog!  That's a whole other beast!