What to Wear to the Rodeo Finals

What to Wear to the Rodeo Finals

Posted by Sierra Rae on Jan 7th 2022

       If there’s one pattern I’ve noticed across all sporting events, fans go for ambiance and socializing as much as they go to watch what happens in the arena. Rodeo is no different. For spectators across all walks of life, a rodeo is also the perfect excuse to flaunt their favorite western fashion. That’s why you’ll stick out like a sore thumb if you show up in khaki pants and a polo shirt. (Gasp!)The perfect rodeo outfit can be compartmentalized into four important groups- the base layer, your choice of outerwear, your boot choice and your headgear!

The Base Layers

       Depending on the temperature, an additional layer might be ideal for you to sneak under your clothing.For example, a thermal shirt and thermals to go underneath your jeans. This layer is directly against your skin, so it’s advisable to choose something comfortable and quick-drying. Try avoiding cotton as it retains moisture leaving you chilled- lean towards a synthetic material such as polyester.

The middle layer’s main function is to provide warmth, and a material such as wool or fleece is recommended.


     Your choice of outerwear will be dependent on your rodeo’s weather forecast. For some, a simple waterproof jacket will suffice. For others, something with additional insulation, perhaps a removable fleece liner is more appropriate. In terms of jacket design, a hood, high neck, vents, and fasteners at the wrist are all excellent features.

Toasty Toes

    One of the most important (and expensive) components of your winter get-up is your footwear- or your boots. Fine leather boots can stretch, warp, or crack with repeated exposure to harsh winter conditions. Therefore, when sizing your new boots, don’t forget that they’ll need to accommodate at least one, possibly two pairs of socks. Wool socks are a great means to keep your feet dry in your boots.


      A scarf, neck warmer, or turtleneck can protect your neck and you can pull it up to cover your chin, mouth, and nose as needed. A fleece headband can also be worn underneath your cowboy hat to provide extra warmth to your neck and ears, and help wick away sweat. A felt cowboy hat is the logical choice for cold weather, as it provides much more warmth than it’s straw counterpart.