What to Wear to Cowtown Rodeo!

What to Wear to Cowtown Rodeo!

Posted by Suzanne Zigo on Aug 2nd 2021

Want to look the part when you attend Cowtown Rodeo? Check out our top 3 suggestions for what to wear and what NOT to wear.

Definitely Wear:

  1. Be comfortable. No one wants to be overly hot or cold so watch the weather and make sure you have dressed appropriately. It can get really chilly at night. At our rodeo location you can pick up some great sweatshirts that you'll treasure for years to come. That cute tank top might have been perfect during the day but at night it might not keep you warm enough.
  2. Wear appropriate shoes. High heels are not for rodeos. Wear comfortable shoes with a good sole because the hills at Cowtown are steep and can be tough to maneuver with any type of heel. Boots are great to wear too!
  3. Bring a pair of sunglasses. The early evening sun is bright and it can make it difficult to see all the action.

Definitely Do NOT Wear:

  1. Your spurs if you’re not riding. We get it, they sound cool but if you’re not riding you don’t need them. It is overkill.
  2. Your cowboy hat popped up on your head. Your hat should be on top of your head and level. Make sure you don’t have it backwards.
  3. Super scanty outfits. You’ll get noticed and maybe that’s what you wanted but please leave the bikini tops at home.

We can help you get your perfect rodeo look! Stop in the store and grab your tickets before you head over and you’ll see our amazing collection of Western clothes including jeans, cowboy hats, shirts, belts, buckles and of course, boots. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff who is always ready to help! You can accent your outfit you arrived in with our huge collection of Cowtown Rodeo t-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps.