Western Wedding?

Western Wedding?

Posted by SuzeeQ on Feb 11th 2019

We were recently asked to take part in the Bridal Expo that's taking place on February 24th at Paris Caterers in Berlin NJ.  Needless to say we jumped on the opportunity to join into one of the biggest, most respected bridal events in the area.  What do you think of when you think "Western Wedding"?  Is it a pair of worn in brown cowboy boots peeking out  from under the bride's dress?  Is it a pair of white sparkling boots that accentuate the beading and intricate work of a typical bride's dress?  Does the bride wear a cowgirl hat with baby's breath tucked into the brim of the hat? How about the guys...can they wear Wranglers & Stetsons? The answer is YES--- to all of these questions.  Western weddings allow for a great deal of interpretation from the bride, her groom and of course the brides maids and decor.

My own wedding wasn't Western at all; it was over the top fancy but the day before we had a HO-DOWN!  What does a ho-down consist of you ask?  We had a team of mules giving rides in a covered wagon, we had the famous bull Bandit there complete with the option to get on and have your picture taken.  We had a PIG ROAST and crabs!  It was picnic tables and bonfires, we had a blast.  Someone even brought their dog who upset the bull who ended up flipping out and injuring one of our guests.  The night was completed when the fire department showed up to douse out the bonfire as the neighbors were complaining.  (they weren't invited!)  This party was in actuality more fun than the formal reception which cost us a fortune.  So, when it comes to planning your wedding remember this, it's supposed to be FUN and people won't care how much you paid for those matching chargers!  Go ahead and express yourself.  If that means wearing your favorite boots then WEAR them!  

We look forward to meeting you at the Bridal Expo on February 24th!

We'll hook you up with the most beautiful outfits, from boots, to jewelry, to hats, we've got it all.  We even can provide Western themed decor for your event.

One last thing, we offer a generous discount program to our wedding parties.  Set up an appointment today to have the specialized and attentive service you deserve.