Vintage = New!

Vintage = New!

Posted by Suzanne Zigo on Nov 9th 2021

In the fashion world they always say what comes around goes around. That's true with the latest designs in the Western clothing world. 

Recently there's been a resurgence of bright, bold Aztec designs many coming from the vaults at Roper clothing. According to our sales representative Keith, the designs we are now seeing are actually re-boots of patterns used in the 70's. That's right, the shirt you just bought may have been originally designed and produced almost 50 years ago! Roper noted how many patterns such as Aztec were gaining popularity and instead of reinventing the wheel they decided to open their vaults and re-produced some of the most popular designs from the 70's. The bright and bold designs are really popular with a wide range of customers.

Vintage Serape Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt By Roper

This shirt is another example of a "throw back" design. The bold colors embrace the cattle drive scene that goes across the chest. This is a really stunning shirt that is quickly selling out. It too, is an example of a vintage pattern that has been offered the opportunity to be seen and enjoyed again after many years of being locked away.

Cattle Drive Scene Long Sleeve Snap Western Shirt By Roper

Even the kids can enjoy some of these vintage prints. This horizontal Aztec print is incredibly popular in the men's department so Roper shrunk it down to pint size for the little cowboys. The result is perfect! Just what you'd expect; bright, bold and vintage but modern all at once.

Aztec Border Print Long Sleeve Snap Shirt By Roper

The bottom line is there are a lot of great designs that were just waiting to be enjoyed by a whole new audience. Do you want to check out the latest vintage shirts? Check them out on our website