Jeans....Do You Know How to Wear Them?

Jeans....Do You Know How to Wear Them?

Posted by Suzanne Zigo on Jul 29th 2021

Jeans Do's and Don’ts

Everyone wears jeans but did you know there are do's and don'ts for wearing jeans?  There are rules for wearing jeans so that you not only look great but you'll avoid looking like a "poser."

Guys, don’t wear your jeans tucked into your boots. Girls can get away with wearing skinny jeans tucked into their boots- it’s cute. Guys can’t. It’s plain and simple. Don’t do it guys.  Below you will see a great looking pair of boots but the jeans are tucked in.  Also, if you don't ride please, don't wear spurs....but we'll save that for another post.

Make sure you wear boot cut jeans that go over the boot and allow for ample space between the boot and the jean. If you can see the outline of your boot through your jeans you are wearing the wrong kind of jeans. All of our jeans go over boots, even the slim straight jeans go over boots.

Make sure you have the correct length of jeans. The heel of your boot should be mostly or totally covered by your jeans. This comes from the need to cover your boot when you're riding. If your heel is showing you’re wearing jeans that are too short.

That’s a big newbie mistake. If you wear 30” inseam typically try a 32” or 34” on with your boots. Ideally there should be a slight stack in the leg of your jeans when wearing your boots.

Get the right fit. Your jeans should fit in a way that accentuates your size and shape. If your jeans are too loose in the back they will look saggy and just not attractive. Most jeans now have stretch material so that you’ll feel comfortable and look great. For women we LOVE the Wrangler Willow. It fits beautifully and moves with you. The waistband is stretchy too. Not sure if your jeans fit correctly? We can help you!

Unless you’re trying to keep your jeans dry on a rainy day don’t put one side of your jeans up and the other down. Some people do this so that their jeans stay dry but if it’s not raining please keep your jeans down!