Crushing through the Comfort Zone

Crushing through the Comfort Zone

Posted by SuzeeQ on Mar 3rd 2019

In retail it is so easy to keep going back to the same vendors.  They know you, you know them and the relationship is comfortable.  The only problem is that your store may lack a new vibe.  While our mainstay vendors like Ariat, Corral, Dan Post, Durango, etc all launch new styles at least twice a year the styles of the new launches may be similar.  We come to expect the similar styles, colors, etc of our vendors.  This is why it was so exciting to see all of the offerings that Black Jack Boots has to offer.  

We stumbled upon a beautiful showroom at the WESA wholesale show in Denver in January and just 2 hours later...maybe more, we were sold on the beauty, uniqueness, and quality of Black Jack Boots. We are so excited to announce the arrival of this latest line. 

The first thing that sets them aside is their use of unique skins.  They are at the forefront of using skins that we just don't see...EVER.  They have all of the rarest skins ever seen such as natural caiman, elephant, stingray, cobra, giraffe, and more.  They also have stunning tooling work that is completely customizable.  If you want a one of a kind boot this is the brand to go to.

Another great aspect of Black Jack boots is that they are made in the USA.  That is something most boot manufacturers can't say anymore.  They have employed some of their boot builders for decades.  This is commendable.

We chose to add on the inserts for each boot.  This allows the wearer to have a completely custom feel and fit when the boots are tried on.  You do not have to buy the inserts, they are part of your investment and will make your new boots feel perfect.

The Black Jack Boot is 100% customizable.  You can choose from one of the three styles we currently have in-store or you can build your own boot from scratch.  Building your own boot means you choose everything from the colors, skins, stitch, patterns, to the heel, toe, bug pattern, and sole color.  Don't know what a bug pattern is?  It's that stitching on the top of the boot where your toes are.  If you can stand to wait 6-8 weeks you get a boot that is just YOURS and yours alone!

We built three beautiful boots including the giraffe boot.  Who has seen giraffe boot, let alone a blue one?  This boot exudes beauty.  The skin is soft and rich.  We paired it with a tan top that gives an amazing contrast.  The second boot is chocolate elephant.  It has a narrow square toe with no toe bug.  The skin is tough and will last forever.  It is topped off with a gorgeous deep brown top.  The bad news is that one lucky guy already snatched up a pair of 10.5Ds in this one so hopefully we have your size!  The one pair I feel is the most unique is the natural caiman.  It is just like it sounds.  Typically caiman skins are dyed colors.  These are the only pair I have seen that represent what you'd see in nature.  We put this one on a wide square toe.  It is just a show-stopper.  If you want to really show off this is your boot.

These three boots are the first to arrive at our store.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our other picks...let's just say they are amazing too.  

We are hoping that by taking a leap of faith with a new vendor we will serve our customers better.  By offering new styles, unique finds, and something you can't find anywhere else we are setting ourselves apart from our competition.  You can't grow without doing things that are outside your comfort zone.  

Stop in and meet Black Jack Boots. You will be amazed! Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is always happy to fit you in these or any of the boots we carry. We'll show you how your boots should fit and we guarantee you'll love them. Stop in today 9-8 Mon- Sat and 11-5 Sunday.