Kimes Ranch: Western Wear Done Right

Kimes Ranch: Western Wear Done Right

Posted by Sierra Rae on Apr 26th 2022

      The Kimes Ranch brand- and it's simple and its memborable logo- have taken the western wear and fashion industry by storm in recent years. But don't be fooled- the origin story of this renowned clothing brand lies in Scottsdale, Arizona with a couple named Matt and Amanda Kimes. 

     The couple had often talked at length about starting a jean company as their current work endeavors had started to slow. They had agreed and established that there was a need for better quality jeans and denim in the western market but had often stifled their dreams due to lack of experience with degisn and manufacturing- as well as a lack of funding. Nevertheless, despite all of the setbacks the two went onwards with working with the best team of cutters, sewers, and washers until their product was undeniably the best fit and quality.

   Originally named Longhorn Jean Company, and then LJC Apparel, they finally have found their home with Kimes Ranch. This name encompasses the brand, and the history of a couple with western roots, raised in the horse industry, that built a life and a business together at Kimes Ranch. Together they were the couple that made the original “Horn” jeans everyone was raving about. 

    How They Name Their Products

 Matt and Amanda name their jean styles after the animals on the ranch, and the Betty and Barney styles were named after their longhorn cows. Barney remains the ranch mascot and was the inspiration for the horn pockets the brand is famous for. Matt and Amanda place a personal guarantee on their all American made product and offer some of  the best customer service around.

    While orders were slow at first- the brand definitely started to pick up when people realized the quality of denim they had to offer. They created a jean versatile enough to crossover from western to everyday wear, with a medium waist line for women that allowed high enough coverage while riding but low enough rise to mimic a fashionable street jean. Their men’s jean took on details that others had not considered, like a knife pocket and a more attractive back pocket placement.

What do we have to offer? 

    Here at Cowtown Cowboy Outfitters we carry Kimes' high quality denim in a number of styles for both men and women! There's something for everyone to love- from a wide eye-catching flare to a dark raw denim wash. 
     See here some of our Kimes long sleeves, also availabe in men's and women's. well as our Kimes Ranch outerwear!
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